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We now stock gift vouchers

Struggling for a gift for a loved one, Croft Vets now stock gift vouchers!

Refer a Friend

Get a £30 voucher to use against any product or service when you refer a friend.
This offer will run from September 1st, 2021.

Has your pet’s vaccination lapsed?

Many of us forget things and given the past year we’ve all had we understand that your pets’ vaccinations may not have been your priority, or you may have tried to get him or her vaccinated but been unable due to Covid and the restrictions put on all veterinary surgeries.

Whatever the reason from Monday 9th August, here at Croft Veterinary Centres we are offering a way for you to get back on track without the extra cost of a full course.

We are offering a full course of vaccinations for any client already registered with us for the cost of an annual booster.

If you wish to take part just call or pop into one of our surgeries and ask for an appointment for the Vaccine Amnesty.

Welcome back Danii!

New Business Development / Practice Manager appointed – Croft Vets have some exciting  news after 4 Years of being away, Danii has come back to join the team and she is so excited about her new role and our amazing new site, she can`t wait to be we greeting  all customers new and old. Danii work with us previously as our practice manager and she was with us for 10 years so she brings back her knowledge and veterinary experience. She will be standing at the Christmas parade on Saturday the 27th November at Bolsover,   if you are passing be sure to say Hi  and give her a warm welcome back.

The Croft Blog

Looking After Outdoor Pets in Winter

If you have pets who usually live outside, it’s important that you make sure they are kept warm and comfortable during winter. As temperatures drop, your pets need you to take extra steps to ensure their living space is warm and dry and that they have access to...

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Keeping Pets Safe From Antifreeze

As the weather gets colder, more people will be using antifreeze and deicer on their cars, which can pose a health risk for animals.  Antifreeze, which stops the cooling system in cars from freezing, contains ethylene glycol, which is toxic to cats and dogs. Manu...

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Keeping Your Pets Happy On Halloween

Even if you’re not a big Halloween fan, there is plenty about the day that can confuse and unsettle your pets. Whether you’re having a spooky party, getting ready for trick or treaters, or are planning on a quiet night at home, it’s important to make sure your pets...

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Diabetes in Dogs: What You Need To Know

Diabetes can affect many animals, including dogs, cats, horses and pigs, as well as humans. It is a chronic illness that can’t be cured, however, it can be managed, allowing your dog to carry on enjoying their life and doing the things they love.  The type of...

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Caring For Dogs In The Summer Heat

Not only can the hot weather in summer be uncomfortable for you, but it can also be dangerous for your dog. Making sure you know how to help your pooch cool down when the temperatures rise is important for their happiness and their health, so here’s what you need...

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How to Look After Your Cat’s Teeth

Making sure your cat’s teeth are looked after is an important part of maintaining their health and happiness. Keeping an eye on their teeth and getting into a routine when it comes to dental care can help them avoid dental diseases, pain and bad breath.   Cats’...

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How to Look After Your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog’s teeth do a lot of work. Dog’s don’t just use their teeth for eating, they also use their mouth for play, tasting their surroundings and exploring. Their teeth and gums are just as vulnerable as yours to infections and disease as yours are, which means...

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Looking after your dog's teeth

Creating a Pet-Safe Garden

Now that the sun has started shining more, many of you will be getting out in the garden. While getting plants in the ground and enjoying the sun is great fun, your pets will also likely be spending more time outside, so you need to make sure your garden is safe...

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How to Litter Train Your Cat

Cats are generally very clean animals and like to keep themselves that way. However, if you’ve recently adopted a cat or kitten, you may find that they struggle with using the litter tray to start with. Going through the steps to litter train your cat is an...

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