Behaviour & Training

We are in the position to help modify behaviour by focusing on your pets emotions, which is effective in reducing the problem behaviour, whilst improving your pets general feeling of well being. We use positive behavioural modification and training, which is fun and gets results.

Help controlling pet behaviour

Our staff are happy to help put to bed those difficult or annoying issues that your animal exhibits.

Our methods are based on kind, fair and effective reward-based training techniques.

You can arrange a consultation at Croft Vets, or if it is more appropriate to see your pet in its home environment, we can visit you and your pet at home. Home visits include a one and a half hour consultation, a written report and a follow up telephone consultation.

Some of the behavioural problems that we commonly deal with are:

Dog Behaviour
  • Aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Separation issues
  • Chewing or destructive behaviour
  • Fear of loud noises such as thunder or fireworks
  • Chasing people, other animals, cyclists etc.
  • Inappropriate guarding of food, toys and owners
  • Problem adolescent behaviour
  • Pulling on the lead or jumping up
  • Ignoring their owner’s commands
  • Car travel problems
Cat Behaviour
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Indoor spraying
  • Scratching the furniture
  • General fear related issues
  • Fighting with other cats in the home or outside
  • Aggression towards other cats, owners or children
  • Inability to live with other animals such as dogs
  • Hyper anxiety
  • Eating disorders

What about other animals?

We can also offer advice on environmental enrichment for indoor cats, introducing new kittens or rescue cats into the home and helping your cat cope with stress. The majority of our work is with dogs and cats but we can also help with behavioural problems in other species such as rabbits and even parrots!

Please contact us to make an appointment to see us if you would like some help with your pet’s behavioural problem.

Please contact us to make an appointment if you would like some help with your pet’s behavioural problem.